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Sunday blogging and networking — March 5, 2017

Sunday blogging and networking

Sunday is becoming my traditional day to update my blog, and so here I am again! I often blog from my phone because it is easier to upload photos, so I don’t look at my blog on the desktop version much. This blog post is going to be text only, and I already have the computer fired up, so I decided to carry on without my phone. It was a surprise to me when viewing my blog this way at how ENORMOUS the photos appear. And I’ve only got a netbook. If you are viewing this on a widescreen all singing all dancing computer then I can only guess that the pictures must be right IN YOUR FACE haha I’m sorry (if I was using my phone at this point I would insert a long line of lol emoji ~ who can remember when you had to type a code for anything other than a standard smiley?)

My husband is watching sport on the television. I don’t like sport but I do admire how much fun some sporting fans can have and how it brings people together. I like to “listen” to sport for that reason. It is one of life’s soundtracks that pleases me.

I am now going to visit all you lovely bloggers who have kindly left me comments and likes recently and catch up on what you have been up to. Then I have a pair of crochet mittens to finish which I hope to share with you next time.

Thanks for reading and happy blogging 🙂


Bullet Journal – weekly spread — February 26, 2017

Bullet Journal – weekly spread

I am quite new to bullet journals and so I am learning as I go along. If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, the best way to describe it is as a combination of lists, trackers and dates which you record in a blank journal instead of a pre-printed diary. You create pages as you go, which means you can give each part as little or as much room as it needs.

Each Sunday I create my weekly spread. I don’t always use the same layout, as I am experimenting with different designs to see which works best. The one I will show you seems to be my favourite (at the moment) though. 

I have a column on the left for my tasks. I have three spare boxes for whatever I decide to track next week. That could be spending, crochet projects, blog stats, anything.

One of the best things about Bullet Journals is being creative. I like to doodle and make colourful borders, dividers, titles etc and there are ideas on Pinterest and Tumblr.

I will post more about Bullet Journals later on, as I find better ways of doing things and an easy way to explain it! There is also quite a lot online already about the subject, just search #bujo or #bujojunkies and you will find plenty.

It can also be a budget friendly hobby as all you need to get started is a blank journal, a pencil and ruler for drawing grids and boxes, a nice pen for writing, some coloured pencils or pens and possibly some washi tape. 

Happy blogging!


Blog award  — February 20, 2017

Blog award 

awardA short while ago I was thrilled to be nominated for a Liebster Award by Valerie. You can read her post and see who else she nominated if you click here. The award is a chance to get to know other bloggers. In her post she posed some interesting questions and as part of accepting the blog award I shall be answering them and setting new questions for my nominees.


These are my questions from Valerie:

What’s something in your life that is unexpected?

My child having cancer, not once but twice, and the second cancer being caused by the treatment he had for the first.

Are you following the same religious beliefs that you grew up with?


What is a special calendar date for you that has nothing to do with marriage, birth, or death? What happened on that date?

The day I was told my son had cancer. I know that I should remember the date we were told he was cancer free, but I can only remember diagnosis day.

Have you ever struggled with anxiety, depression, or another another emotional issue? What technique, person, and/or treatment did you find the most beneficial?

I do try very hard to choose to be happy every day, and I have started a bullet journal this year which has helped me to stay organised and less anxious.

When was the last time that you felt a sense of wonder and/or awe?

The very first time I visited Ladybower Reservoir in Derbyshire and saw Derwent Dam. The spectacular stone structure took my breathe away.

Here are my nominees:

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS –

Small Things Make Up A Big One –

Oriana –

Please go and say hi and if the links don’t work for any reason then let me know and I’ll try to fix it. I would hate for you to miss out on these great blogs.

{note I had to publish this to check the links and then edit them so apologies if you got a notification email more than once}

My questions to them are:

  1. What is your favourite charity and why?
  2. What is the most recent photograph on your phone?
  3. What is your most used emoji?
  4. What is your favourite quote?
  5. Who reads and comments most on your blog?
The meaning of colours in Feng Shui — February 10, 2017

The meaning of colours in Feng Shui

I was browsing Pinterest and found this graphic about colours in Feng Shui.

I think it would be useful when considering which yarn colours to combine when making my crochet items, especially as presents.

  • What amazing combinations would you think of and who would you gift them to?
  • What have you made already and what meaning does it have?
  • What is your favourite colour? (Mine is purple)

I would love to hear your ideas about crochet, colour combinations, Feng Shui or if my blog inspires you in some other way. You can leave me a comment or send me a message. Many thanks for visiting my blog.

Have a great day!


    Infographics – what a great idea! — February 8, 2017

    Infographics – what a great idea!

    Blog posts with just plain text can be a bit bland and dull, can’t they? So I was very interested in the following post about infographics:

    I suppose that is why the Facebook for Android app encourages you to create colourful status updates. I wonder how long before you can do the same with iPhone?

    I’m actually not on Facebook at the moment, but when I do go back to it I will certainly be using infographics on my crochet page as well as my blog.

    I looked at some phone apps and decided PixelLab works best for me. It was free to download and seems simple to use. There is also a feature that suggests quotes you can include, so you will always have ideas. 

    So, thanks Mia for the great blog post ~ in fact thanks for the great blog 😉 and I hope you like what you have inspired me to create.


    15  —
    A new project (for my husband) — February 5, 2017

    A new project (for my husband)

    I finished the blanket for my friend and I’m actually rather pleased with it. It is many different colours so looks a bit random … but does have a pattern to it if you look closely. Please click on each thumbnail to see the bigger picture.

    My husband would now like a blanket of his own, but he likes to be very organised and has chosen a proper colour scheme. So I am going to make a sophisticated blanket for him using the Stylecraft yarn in the picture below. It’s the first time I’ve purchased Stylecraft. I’m a bit late to the party as I didn’t have a local supply until now. It is as soft and squishy as everyone says it is.

    Stylecraft Yarn

    It is a big move away from my normal ‘random-ness’ or my pink and purple favourites. So please watch this space for updates.

    I am also being very disciplined about updating my bullet journal almost every day. Go me! I have a comfortable spot at my desk, with a cosy lamp and my new bargain pens (I will review them in another post) and I feel very creative.


    “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams – live the life you have imagined”

    Henry David Thoreau

    Will I finish this in time for Christmas? — January 29, 2017

    Will I finish this in time for Christmas?


    This is just a quick post to share my work in progress with you all. Actually, it is just one of many projects I am working on. I really need to make this one a priority though. I started it over a year ago as a Christmas present for a friend. I didn’t get it finished in time and it needed some re-planning. I thought I might finish it for her birthday, but that came and went too! I didn’t think a second Christmas would go by and it would still need work. I’m almost done now thank goodness! All the squares are joined together and I’m working on the border. The finished blanket will be approximately single bed size so doing just one row around the edge takes longer than you think.

    I don’t know how much yarn I have used or how much it all cost. It is a labour of love and that’s all that matters really.

    I borrowed some proper photographers lighting equipment to take the photo and it was worth it to get the colours right. I will do another post later on with some more pictures as this only shows one corner.

    It is a mix of so many different yarns and colours and I have my favourite combinations. I would like to repeat the pattern again but with fewer colours and maybe as a CAL? Please contact me or comment if you would be interested in crocheting along with me.



    Refresh your music with these new playlists — January 26, 2017

    Refresh your music with these new playlists

    Do you listen to the same music over and over? I know I do. Today I wanted a change so I used my bullet journal to make a list of topics to inspire me. I then logged into my Deezer account and put some prompts in the search bar. I’ve found some old favourites and some new tunes too. 

    Here’s the list of topics and some of the great songs I found:

    Days of the week

    • Thursday – Pet Shop Boys 
    • Last Friday Night – Katy Perry
    • If This Is Love – The Saturdays
    • Sunday Morning – Maroon 5
    • Blue Monday – New Order
    • Tuesday’s Gone – Lynyrd Skynyrd
    • Some Wednesday – Murray Gold (Doctor Who) 


    • Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons!
    • Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams 
    • Boys of Summer – Don Henley
    • Cruel Summer – Bananarama
    • A Winter’s Tale – David Essex
    • Forever Autumn – Jeff Wayne
    • Dusty Springfield!


    Oasis, U2, Pulp, Blur, Simply Red…. Oh and I’ll Be There For You by The Remnants


    • Alright – Supergrass
    • Uptown Funk – Mark Robson
    • A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay
    • Black Horse And The Cherry Tree – K T Tunstall


    Some lovely nature sounds including a tropical storm! Why are storms considered relaxing? The last storm I got caught up in was absolutely terrifying…

    Please let me know what topics you have in your playlists and your favourite tracks. 


    A light hearted look at bus stop etiquette — January 21, 2017

    A light hearted look at bus stop etiquette

    Is it just me, or do you ever have that awkward moment when you have struck up a conversation with someone at the bus stop, and then the bus arrives … What do you do next?

    It is very difficult to know what the exact etiquette is and it probably varies from place to place, so let’s look at some options:

    • Make sure they get on the bus first and then you sit in the nearest available seat and carry on your conversation
    • Make sure they get on the bus first and then you sit in the furthest available seat and start reading your book
    • You get on the bus first and let them choose whether to sit near you and carry on the conversation!  (But you can’t push past them in the queue…)
    • Wait for a later bus – just don’t get talking to anyone else while you’re waiting!

    What’s your strategy? – please leave me a comment.