This is just a quick post to share my work in progress with you all. Actually, it is just one of many projects I am working on. I really need to make this one a priority though. I started it over a year ago as a Christmas present for a friend. I didn’t get it finished in time and it needed some re-planning. I thought I might finish it for her birthday, but that came and went too! I didn’t think a second Christmas would go by and it would still need work. I’m almost done now thank goodness! All the squares are joined together and I’m working on the border. The finished blanket will be approximately single bed size so doing just one row around the edge takes longer than you think.

I don’t know how much yarn I have used or how much it all cost. It is a labour of love and that’s all that matters really.

I borrowed some proper photographers lighting equipment to take the photo and it was worth it to get the colours right. I will do another post later on with some more pictures as this only shows one corner.

It is a mix of so many different yarns and colours and I have my favourite combinations. I would like to repeat the pattern again but with fewer colours and maybe as a CAL? Please contact me or comment if you would be interested in crocheting along with me.