Sunday is becoming my traditional day to update my blog, and so here I am again! I often blog from my phone because it is easier to upload photos, so I don’t look at my blog on the desktop version much. This blog post is going to be text only, and I already have the computer fired up, so I decided to carry on without my phone. It was a surprise to me when viewing my blog this way at how ENORMOUS the photos appear. And I’ve only got a netbook. If you are viewing this on a widescreen all singing all dancing computer then I can only guess that the pictures must be right IN YOUR FACE haha I’m sorry (if I was using my phone at this point I would insert a long line of lol emoji ~ who can remember when you had to type a code for anything other than a standard smiley?)

My husband is watching sport on the television. I don’t like sport but I do admire how much fun some sporting fans can have and how it brings people together. I like to “listen” to sport for that reason. It is one of life’s soundtracks that pleases me.

I am now going to visit all you lovely bloggers who have kindly left me comments and likes recently and catch up on what you have been up to. Then I have a pair of crochet mittens to finish which I hope to share with you next time.

Thanks for reading and happy blogging 🙂