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Refresh your music with these new playlists — January 26, 2017

Refresh your music with these new playlists

Do you listen to the same music over and over? I know I do. Today I wanted a change so I used my bullet journal to make a list of topics to inspire me. I then logged into my Deezer account and put some prompts in the search bar. I’ve found some old favourites and some new tunes too. 

Here’s the list of topics and some of the great songs I found:

Days of the week

  • Thursday – Pet Shop Boys 
  • Last Friday Night – Katy Perry
  • If This Is Love – The Saturdays
  • Sunday Morning – Maroon 5
  • Blue Monday – New Order
  • Tuesday’s Gone – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Some Wednesday – Murray Gold (Doctor Who) 


  • Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons!
  • Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams 
  • Boys of Summer – Don Henley
  • Cruel Summer – Bananarama
  • A Winter’s Tale – David Essex
  • Forever Autumn – Jeff Wayne
  • Dusty Springfield!


Oasis, U2, Pulp, Blur, Simply Red…. Oh and I’ll Be There For You by The Remnants


  • Alright – Supergrass
  • Uptown Funk – Mark Robson
  • A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay
  • Black Horse And The Cherry Tree – K T Tunstall


Some lovely nature sounds including a tropical storm! Why are storms considered relaxing? The last storm I got caught up in was absolutely terrifying…

Please let me know what topics you have in your playlists and your favourite tracks. 


A light hearted look at bus stop etiquette — January 21, 2017

A light hearted look at bus stop etiquette

Is it just me, or do you ever have that awkward moment when you have struck up a conversation with someone at the bus stop, and then the bus arrives … What do you do next?

It is very difficult to know what the exact etiquette is and it probably varies from place to place, so let’s look at some options:

  • Make sure they get on the bus first and then you sit in the nearest available seat and carry on your conversation
  • Make sure they get on the bus first and then you sit in the furthest available seat and start reading your book
  • You get on the bus first and let them choose whether to sit near you and carry on the conversation!  (But you can’t push past them in the queue…)
  • Wait for a later bus – just don’t get talking to anyone else while you’re waiting!

What’s your strategy? – please leave me a comment.

You CAN have nice perfume on a small budget — January 20, 2017

You CAN have nice perfume on a small budget

I have expensive tastes, it’s true… Right now though I’m on a small budget so indulging in designer perfume is not going to happen. I still want to smell nice though. A spritz of a favourite fragrance can really lift your mood don’t you think?

I was given a Marks & Spencer voucher for Christmas and used it to purchase two small bottles of EDT. They are priced £8.50 for a plain looking 25ml bottle, but at that size I can pop it in my handbag and easily refresh my scent during the day if I need to.

The two fragrances I purchased were Aqua and Aqua Rose. Both are very light and great for daytime. Aqua Rose is the slightly stronger of the two I think.

I have also recently discovered that Next have a good range of EDP starting at £4 for 10ml. Better still, you can buy 30ml for £8. These bigger bottles are small enough to travel with you but look gorgeous too! I have just treated myself to White Amber.


Finally, on my wish list are several fragrances from Zara but particularly Apple Juice and Dandelion. Again, small but attractive bottles, reasonable price and lots of choice. Incidentally, I think Dandelion smells very similar to the White Amber.

The biggest plus about the smaller bottles is that if, like me, you can’t decide on a favourite, you can swap and change without being left with gallons of scent you no longer enjoy wearing. I was a massive fan of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue until there was a serious illness in the family. The scent now reminds me of all the times spent in hospital. Time to move on…

Please use the comments to tell me if you have purchased a new perfume recently or what your favourite is, whether a save or a splurge 😉

Hello … it’s me! — January 19, 2017

Hello … it’s me!

Hello, welcome and thank you for landing on this first blog post of my personal journal for 2017 and beyond.

Please join me as I indulge in my craft hobbies, write about my experiences of life in a {hopefully} light-hearted way and explore my favourite places in the UK.

I look forward to sharing this part of blog land with you, so please do go to the bottom of the page and sign up to follow me, and if you have a blog too then I will follow you back 🙂

Best wishes